Gary Robinson

The Contradiction...

A lake I entered,
kid then, into its surface
calm as a plate
water stink invasive and massed
against a timid white blur.

Novitiate and non-swimmer at the point
of decision when a surge of current
claimed my vertical of light
dragging the shivering idea
beyond an edge and for
a telescopic moment
I swung in the immensity
of a blue chasm,
panic of insignificance.

To be suspended in water
or space is
to know how ridiculous
the world regards you.

The pun will always
fall here if nature
has its way.

But that boy
declined the lake's humour
thrashing and arcing
in a frenzied parabola
onto a waist of shore.

Through gaping points of eyes
saw people laughing
at the kid who didn't
want to be a bass after all.