Gail Ghai


She met him in the Conservatory
        by the Mortar bay fig
opening like a lime umbrella,
        edible green spreading
beside the eucalyptus
        that smelled of cardamom,
the spice she added to his Oolong
        tea last night after she served him hot
and sour soup brimming with lemon
        grass, slivered pork and shitake,
those circumcised mushrooms.
        She baked him a cake, pineapple upside-
down where the fruit hangs low
        and round and gold.
And like love
        heat only adds to its sweetness.
He had two humongous
She dolloped fresh whipped cream
        generously like a mother
or a lover
        or a woman who wants
to share
        all the appetizing bounties
earth has issued her.