Diane Guichon

5th Avenue and 4th Street, Calgary - January

suicide season

snow dusts granite pines planted in asphalt

grids silent symmetry of office towers

rubber tress struggle in pots under fluorescent suns

while construction crews screw windows shut

rock shafts loom through story after story

birds in grey pant suits soar from floors three through thirty-six

cafeteria conversations repeat through the seasons 

processed cheese melts while lettuce weeps under the weight of 

forced air furnaces

he flips the pages of Canoe and Kayak

embossed pictures of clear June water

Kevlar and Nylon hulls endure winter exposure

while he waits to wipe his ass

while the lake freezes

            while the loon southern cruises

                        while the canoe hibernates in storage

he totals the weight of years spent in 

paper labour