Gwilym Eades

Archipelago Sequence



(waikiki beach)

lines of diamond head spine

crack the sky

low waves break

though winter pulls

up higher

up here from plane

or tower

the white waves slow, cinematic

the dilating island shores up

out (at the start)

of two shades of blue

after that

it's up to you


(partial object/sunrise)

roots of day 

cry out

life guards sleep  

a lit cake floats by, massive

it will be eaten 

banyan under moon and palm  

roots tangle down lower branches 

seeking ground  

sand like coffee grounds 

diamond head sleeps in a zoo of lights  

honolulu airport spins out plane after winking plane

angling up over still night sky


(diamond head)

they thought diamonds in the tuff 

heads cratered in greed 

waves shading 

out over black shoal coral beaches

now the diamond screams 

out echoing up canyon/hotel streets 

mean but flowered with meaning  

steep layered pink and soju green soak up 

careen and stucco 

staccato horned traffic

diamond head 

dry even in rain 

taxis mill in the swill of tourism  

caked edges of crater edge away steeply 

surfers zigzag bug-like 

behind a lighthouse 

auras of round wave spread thick and thin 

pout and spine of canyon tuff through which 

thread lines of bird flight



rain & leaves talk

layered against lava mountain sides  

red flowers caulk the chinks 

in a cabinfever dense forest 

shot through with bird song  

but bird song only in 

spaces between rain songs

droning leathery dark spawns 

of orography  

fish down at chinatown 

ply tepid lower reaches on river street  

infrastructures rot 

beneath pipes & valves 

frilled with plump vibrant flowers  

cinammon and sweet basil  



drove all day 

out of waikiki

defiant fists after

trapped four days in rooms or elevators 

of insipid interior faux-talk  

out here base layer is wave  

crackle & yowl through the dark

the crickets the ever-present wave  

friendly or mountain scary 

water on lava on reef 

below crater 

the mighty fall again as the moon 

mingles & lights

let's go


guava and eucalyptus 

gape and roll in

octopus tree bole undergrowth 

white trunk scoured in sunshine 

lightning bolt pink flesh of bark 

flashes red down gully 

streaming cool blue of mountain streams 

down lava rock coral under crashing waves 

black under sea under green

under white undulant foaming spray 

and fan of the bird's tail

purls in against

sapphire gone cerulean  

play of long sad pine needles 

matted speghettini thin 

and spiked pliant lizard-scale tendrils 

wend and wind upon acid brown soil  

albino cricket pink and grey 

and yellow faintest puff of cloud 

streaming sediment down across brain-coral 

spider in a hole the crabs play 

as low tide sounds down 

holding in it's fist the splay 

of tonight's moon stand 

hollow echo rooster crow 

and our sleep


humpback whale albatross monk seal

again and against the sea 

the repeated thunder the warnings

this song

any song repeated to thunder is thunder 

is tribe to the knell of a moon-scree

daylong nightlong hell of water

water crashing on black lava dikes 

on emerald spikes

at angles all deadly 

while whale seal and bird play whirl 

jump and dive  

sand rainbows ply a jungle valley 

roving mists of rain move up and down 

defying gravity slopes 

beach sand thicker than a moon's hand 

underground battling for power 

to burst 

into sponge-orange millipede dust rain 

cliffs of pining and 

sadist poverty of soil ferocious mounds 

of ground up coral the last curve round the road 

to paradise a split-second glimpse 

of naked full breasts above

waves and black

crusts of lava



loop down from surfer-town 

through pineapple kingdoms 

of wide-valley red-clay

lucent grass and hay

undulant seams  

down into unforeseen

surprising honolulu skipping past 

just escaping the city 

and back through rain-processed 

always-feel-down towns

smoking hazy folding up towns 

beneath cliffs

green and smoking at dusk 

burnt ahi taco dust of slain 

and ancient labouring hands


(turtle bay)

mountain spines look down banyan vines 

into roots of other places  

cloud/turtles rise into dry updrafts 

scented with warm eucalyptus  

binaries of dry/wet 

break down across high divides 

as fine rain begins/descends  

jungle slits open into red 

flowering with hand-sized dragonfly 

dents of pain in temples  

butterflies plane along 

gliding through strata 

air water and gut 

to land on mint a fine shade of amethyst  

boulder of sun caught in currents 

of shining grey-green whale-dust  

auras of giddy release in whole trees 

whole hillsides suddenly shot through with bird song  

pain legs a rush of panic

fear and envy tomorrow to leave

but glide down sane


(plane ride in)

toronto spools out

from bluffs and water 

stained with sediment  

arrows of fear

swept by height  

bank out

over lake ontario 

a morning shoreline scan 

glints veins of post-rush traffic  

short haul out the quinte way 

after burbs dribble away 

drumlins blister under 

brown and white earth-skin 

trees sprout like hair

islands and peninsulas 

float brain matter flattened 

mapped out and partly frozen

down now

to kingston and

home that does not 

feel like home