Stephen Collis

MAY DAY 2005


despite the

dandelion spore's

fragile sphere

of perennial


despite the dogwood

flower's brief


and the fine tailings

indicating ants'

activities beneath

the pavement

(a small beach

deposited on the surface)

and a host of other

topical turns

towards the present

I return to labours

other work the

real day thrusts

into the orbit of

aches the fault and

default position of my

preposition in

the now on

the mend under

the boot in

your face 

I call to all my 

fellow befuddlers 

awaiting anxiously 

for anything to

quake we have only

to step together to

the wheel but turning

away it's easy to

roll over in bed

a stiff back and

too many cares

put on the wheel

of nothing changes

again Ixion 


or take a

phase out of

ordinary say

of the moment

sure snow flakes turning

out to be cherry

blossoms filling

suburban yards

on a day of

rest the real

labour is unrest

turn the screw or

a queer shoulder

shrugs discontent

and uncivilization

as in the matter of

time v space

no one uncovers the

hour of revolt

without replacing the

rock and walking away

a little embarrassed


thus we have

victories over visions

conquests over conversations

and antic animadversions

I get in the car

and drive into

the dream where

money doesn't exist

and everything is

abundantly clear

we choose to work

there because it

feels good to move

in unison okay

so that was a 

fading realm of

yesterday's yearning

but tomorrow will

be a day in

May all over again