Nola Accili


(circa 1982; 1987; 1993; 1994; 1997; 2001; 2004: 2006)




today a gecko

core eclipsed and spiraling

over rusted balcony spindles

hornito baskets (salmon, fuschia, white & gold)

picking at a scab that belonged to the neighbour's dog

(a dachshund, silly little thing)

selected and edited twice

the dog is brown

the gecko is pink

with dashes of indigo on its eye, its toe pad

crossing lines (cf. the yellow boa constrictor-like sun in the upper right-hand corner)

from September to November; January to March; throughout July

the dog is sleeping on an armchair, striped with bands of black and purple

the gecko is mostly pink, licking the fragile shell

the boa constrictor is caught beside a green-leafy vegetable-like cloud

suspended from a monkey tree,

a silver lake, a catechumen, a lighthouse

flashing in the background,

it's autumn

and rain pellets pound along the railing

and a rainbow arcs over the house the catechumen watches

ending in a snow-fleece cloud (a bush)

the wind is blowing back the neighbour's mullet (orange, hung with shade)

it is the subject…