:: stonestone :: the elementals of language; duplications, indeterminacies, and yet the artist does go on perceiving -- a worlding

:: stonestone :: an exploration of 'thingness', 'quidditas', and the rereflexive (read: insecure) awareness of medium

:: stonestone :: contemplation, language made stone, what matters, the apprehension of materiality//the materiality of apprehension, language-memory-object and its counter-part

:: stonestone :: the mimetic fallacy/promise, the dream of verisimilitude

:: stonestone :: "Modernity begins with the recognition that the object before me is not a sign but a random particle," so "to make the stone stony is to chip away the inscription someone carved on it; it is to turn signs back into things." (Gerald L. Bruns, "Toward a Random Theory of Prose.")

:: stonestone :: "ostranit"-e(n)strangement, the thing made strange, the difference between recognition and seeing

:: stonestone :: "A CARAFE, THAT IS A BLIND GLASS. A kind in glass and a cousin, a spectacle and nothing strange a single hurt color and an arrangement in a system to pointing. All this and not ordinary, not unordered in not resembling. The difference is spreading." Gertrude Stein, Tender Buttons.

:: stonestone ::

The poem
is the stone
chipped and hammered
until it is shaped
like the stone
hammer, the maul.

Robert Kroetsch, "Stone Hammer Poem"

:: stonestone ::

is this a cost of beauty, the
focus of word and thought to make the thing already there,
there as
object of seeing?

Barry McKinnon, PulpLog



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