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lynn tait

Environmental Studies
I - wasted land

daggers unsheathed
Future stands battle ready.
words freeze, snap crack with ideas,
frozen truths melt
secretly behind our backs.

soon, we will not see forests
only cities branching out in leafless vulgarity.
facing rural hinterland
we discover ancient ruins
nestled between city and suburbia.

above deep-pitched waves of Future-shock
melancholy babies serenade us,
small & greedy, excremental gods rise up for worship,
warnings flare in waste-filled skies,
whiffs of jasmine
remind us of all-natural ingredients,
abandoned dolls
snarl in synthetic jealousy.

we are don quixotes
fighting a losing battle.
fearing defeat,
Future dulls itself on false memories.

sensing danger, sun waves goodbye and melts,
"yo man, i got the juice
so don' be chillin' me!"
ivory towers kiss the ground,
"take us with you," they beg,
"for what has been lost is safe."

amid fusion of landscape darkness shines.
we are blinded,
our skeletal beauty exposed.
fire illuminates cold & bright,
burns passions bare,
feeds on remnants of flesh,
visionaries explore potential power
of pulsating blossoms,
toxic seasons change
to indifferent shades of gray.

II - don quixote . . . goodbye

man worships power above all;
that fired-up juice
behind the shock-filled
ingredient of the fight,
this dull Future of false words
flares up, branches out,
its potential rises
begging to be explored.

we bare the secrets of cold babies,
small jasmine kisses ruined by whiffs of excrement,
they are only warnings,
dolls pitching
ivory daggers, nestled deep
in the rural backs of you & me.

the jealous Greed that changes face,
Fear illuminates
& takes.

III land of the nuclear

seasons abandoned,
forests discover vulgarity on blossoms.
between safe, ancient beauty & skeletal melting,
wasted suburbia shines.
melancholy visionaries sense danger,
memories, confused, find truth indifferent,
gray skies prevent future brightness,
frozen cities crack,
sun shaded amid pulsating landscape.

IV holocaust

our nature chills___________Future____________sees us losing
______________leafless waves of wasted beauty
__cities snarl_________hinterlands turn_________towers snap
__cities snarl_________flesh burns toxic
__cities snarl_________synthetic gods
__cities snarl_________feed dark passions.

V aftermath + hope =

defeated flesh
discovers itself,

remnants of an ancient sun
exposes blind indifference

the passion of beauty fused.

leafless landscape
serenades the lost,

abandoned ground
blossoms with ideas,

Future stands
battle ready.