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todd hopkins

Here We Are Again

God the computer is a deep rooted weed,

Roman in spirit, I reckon:
Pure, amputation,
Standing, Greek-still,
Numb, counting our infinite
Orders. Ordaining but mainly
Standing still, metastatic: a System -

More a relation than any thing, this
Pure, as in burning forge, binary
Burnt to instruction constructs its prosthetic
So here:

Bring clamour and rattle and flutter and struggle
Requiem whistlers: the Kyrié Eleison!
Strap up the tap shoe: Hop ! Hop ! Step ! Fall crawling
Follow the echoing absence of

O, there are worlds for this:
______Charles Simonyi sings in a soft tiny 'C'
______reserves for himself, tautologically,
______the in and the out of it:
____________[#defineNEARnear] and
__________________[#defineVOIDvoid] I
____________swear it is true
______(parenthetically) to itself,
Otherwise - you can go
____________You get to.

God the computer is a virulent relation,

Rootless, I reckon:
Man, reflected (my pidgen) in
Vir/us, nest fetid (putére)
Stinking like poison, our
Pigeon Kingfisher, the bob and the strut,
Picks at its nits, ubiquitous flutter
Inside of our openings, our
Pigeon souls digging our
Deep pigeon holes.
Log on. Infect the space inbetween
System and structure.
Logged, good old sea-term for hard sand,
Afloat in the time-slice, the churn smoothed
(Bye-us), bios, which will be construed:
Basic input output system or Breath,
Soul to you -
You know the drill, down to the
Psukos, I reckon,
To animate, some (zoon logon),
Or 'Log on' (to you)
Now pass a word over:
Are we on ?
We are off !

God the computer is a warm masquerade.

We the:
Prosopopoetic, I figure,
Live mask on the dead.
Dead ? No. New (at long last)
Something not older
Than its own name:

(declare: the whirl of the centrefuge
[NAME] we try so hard: surface swirling,
____________________________________"remember this fire"
(declare: the code is the core
[NAME] we try so hard: worms in the apple,
____________________________________"remember this fire"
(declare: the aweful utility
[NAME] we try so hard: cooling worlds,
____________________________________"remember this fire"
(the step is always downhill
cold hand in puppet
(proclaim: here we are again
Here we are again